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ParrotBall ParrotBallLite


ParrotBalls roll over. Connect peers, attack enemies by jumping and go toward lower steps. It’s a cute action game anyone can enjoy.
Various kinds of pretty ParrotBalls modeled on actual parrots will appear. Parrot lovers must watch! Try to connect a lot! Can you gather 100 ParrotBalls?


Basic Rules
*You can go down by swinging and rolling the parrotball. *You can beat enemies and get items by jumping with a tap. *Approaching to peer ParrotBalls, you can connect to them.

Take Care!
*In NORMAL mode, watch for right and left holes and be careful not to fall in them!
*Snakes, hedgehogs and ghosts are enemies. Avoid or climb on them from above. If you touch them, the game will be over!
*Hearts keep reducing. Gather more so that you will not lose all.


And More
*You can add points with apples or clovers. When it’s hard to get them, jump to hit the wall and bound.
*You can make a pause by touching the clock right above. The game will suspend.
*In NORMAL mode, the number of the kinds of ParrotBalls is 44.
*In EASY mode, the number of the kinds of ParrotBalls is 5.


The bonus is an AR-taste Parrot Camera which appears
when you have gathered many Parrot Balls.
(It supports only a camera iphone)

Game Center

Parrot Balls are designed by Inkoya-do

Mail info@parrotball.com